This is part II of Types of Notes in a PKM explained with a Gardening Analogy (Part I).

In part I, we talked about how everything in a personal knowledge management (PKM) system is focused on building atomic notes through various stages of maturity. …

If you’re new to PKM, I recommend starting by reading What is a Personal Knowledge Management system (PKM)?.

A skeptic would call a PKM a glorified set of notes the same way I used to call an SQL database a glorified Excel sheet. It wasn’t until I realised just how…

favourite posts from 2018 nick ang

In a bid to understand what I’ve been thinking about and have done for the year, I’m taking stock of the posts I’ve published this year.

Here are some stats (bracketed is number from 2017):

  • Posts published: 130 (96)
  • Views: 77,800 (5,500)
  • Visitors: 64,300 (3,500)

Overall, I’m quite happy knowing…

sleep during a massage

Here’s a thought without much bearings on life but is interesting nonetheless — is a massage considered wasted on you if you fall asleep during one?

Let’s break that question down into its constituent parts:

  • Waste of what? An experience, muscle relaxation, or something else?
  • How does sleep affect that…

What better way to explore the differences between a blog vs vlog than on a blog about a vlog?

This was my first attempt to put together a “talking head” video. Call it what you want, I think it’s basically a vlog, and I consider it my first foray…

How to keep things interesting in a relationship

At a company party recently a friend (hello Emma!) asked me how I keep things interesting with my wife after marriage. “How do you not get bored of each other?” Presumably, she wasn’t just asking about stuff in the bedroom.

It’s a question that I never really asked myself but…

Why simple is better

Simple is easier to understand.

Simple is easier to remember.

Dogs are simple.

Simple things are always more beautiful.

Simple is harder to break.

Simple things load faster.

In a complex world, simple is rare and appreciated.

Simple is the culmination of clear thinking and action.

Simple is closer to…

Is there fundamental goodness in marketing

Marketing is one of the key drivers of consumerism. It has been since humans first had things to sell to one another, beginning with simple signs in the town market. But modern consumerism is a beast compared to a physical market. …

Destructuring objects in JavaScript nick ang blog

ECMAScript 2015 (or ES6 as it’s more popularly known) is now mainstream and supported in all major browsers. With that, destructuring becomes a standard feature of JavaScript.

Before describing how you can use it, let’s talk about why destructuring is a useful feature of a programming language.

What is “destructuring”? Why use it?

Most of the…

Being smart about Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have in recent years become quite the sales holiday. Marketers for retail brands drum up interest one to two weeks leading up to Friday, and consumers have mostly learned to lap it all up and decide where not whether to hand over their credit cards.

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