favourite posts from 2018 nick ang

In a bid to understand what I’ve been thinking about and have done for the year, I’m taking stock of the posts I’ve published this year.

Here are some stats (bracketed is number from 2017):

  • Posts published: 130 (96)
  • Views: 77,800 (5,500)
  • Visitors: 64,300 (3,500)

Overall, I’m quite happy knowing…

What better way to explore the differences between a blog vs vlog than on a blog about a vlog?

This was my first attempt to put together a “talking head” video. Call it what you want, I think it’s basically a vlog, and I consider it my first foray…

Why simple is better

Simple is easier to understand.

Simple is easier to remember.

Dogs are simple.

Simple things are always more beautiful.

Simple is harder to break.

Simple things load faster.

In a complex world, simple is rare and appreciated.

Simple is the culmination of clear thinking and action.

Simple is closer to…

Nick Ang

Engineering team lead @ Smartly.io. I publish weekly about many things on my blog: nickang.com

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